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Revival Boats was founded on upon a desire to create versatile hulls that responded to the needs of Aussie boating families.

All Revival hulls are meticulously handcrafted by a talented team overseen by one of Australia's most respected boat builders. 

Every Revival presents outstanding value without sacrificing on quality or service and is backed by a 10 Year structural warranty.

R525 Series Overview

Meet Australia's favourite 17-foot allrounders. Nimble, versatile and just plain fun, the R525 family promises maximum thrills on a budget! 

Now available with added peace of mind.


One hull, two unique personalities!

The R525 family of versatile all-rounders was conceived with one core intent: to shake up the local fibreglass boat industry by crafting VALUE-focussed alternatives to lightweight and hard-riding aluminium hulls. 10 Years ago that dream was realised as the compact R525 firmly established itself as an Aussie favourite. Economically powered and easily towed and stored, the R525 Series features two distinct yet equally capable platforms engineered for a lifetime of boating adventures: the R525 CC (Compact Cuddy) and spacious R525 WT (Walk-Through). Each configuration

spawns its own variants that cater to a diverse range of on-water pursuits.


      One capable hull, two versatile layouts.

      The R525 CC and R525 WT represent unequalled value in the 17-footer class.

      The R525 family offer unrivalled storage options to stow all your gear.

     An aggressive 20 degree deadrise and generous reverse chines ensures a soft

      and dry ride in all conditions.

      The centrally-mounted 100 fuel tank encourages long range missions while 

       enhancing ride comfort and stability at rest. 

R525 CC & WT  Variants


R525 CC (Compact-Cab)

Our R525 CC or Compact Cabin is the perfect boating SUV (Sports Utility Vessel) for adventurous families. It's fun-sized proportions will squeeze into most garages* while it's svelte 1250kg (combined Boat/Motor/Trailer mass) is easily hauled by most popular family load luggers. Yep, even the new Mini Countryman will do the trick. For real! Agile, Capable, Safe and Comfortable, the R525 CC is as comfortable smacking snapper in the bay as it is dragging the kids around on a donut. Even those offshore reefs and islands are now safely within reach.

R525 WT(Walk-Thru)

The giant-killing R525 WT or Walk-Through is an extraordinary little boat with almost unlimited potential. The quintessential 17-footer, the R525 WT offers unrestricted bow access for fishing or anchoring duties even rivalling centre and dual consoles for versatility and convenience. Loaded with storage options and boasting a fishing cockpit larger than many 6m-plus boats that can cost over three times as much, this compact all-rounder is also great at water sports and doesn't shy away from a bit of rough weather. Never settle for a tinny again.


Here at Revival HQ, we employ a mythical tool with magical powers to determine the ACTUAL SIZE of our's called a tape measure. We wield its trusty blade across every hull we produce to ensure the advertised length accurately reflects what the tape measure says. And we don't count the bolt-on bits like boarding platforms and bowsprits because...unlike some others...we're NOT trying to over-compensate. 



R525 Series Highlights


Some boat manufacturers are afraid to use the "F" word. FAMILY!

We're not, in fact we're all about family. Revival is a family-owned company crafting unashamedly family-focussed fishing and fun machines that cater to all members of your crew. Your boating family is the very reason every Revival is painstakingly hand-built to ensure a safe and comfortable ride while guaranteeing a stable platform when drifting or at anchor. Easy to clean too!


R525 gallery


Hey, we get it. Boat life can get pretty expensive.  But before you trade your crew's comfort and safety just to stay afloat - pun intended - you've got to check out our range of soft-riding 

R525's. These aren't your typical stripped out, "do you want seats with that", kind of deal, either. Revival's R525's are value-focussed yet feature-rich boats that come pre-loaded with all the essentials. And we're talking high quality, locally-built fibreglass boats people, not your basic  hard-riding tinnies. 



Space. It's a precious commodity that is often all-too scarce in smaller craft these days. Once upon a time, boats were all about open space but as many manufacturers focussed attention on ever-expanding cabins, the real estate in the back of the boat shrunk in direct proportion. Revivals R525 CC and WT offer generous dance floors, large enough for your crew to tangle with big barrels or frisky sharks. Stability is also top of its class.


Blessed with a wave-slicing 20-degree deadrise and generous reverse chines, every R525 rides with a sure-footed attitude and quiet confidence. The inherent shock-absorbing properties of this quality fibreglass hull also delivers lower noise levels and an enhanced ride quality that few can equal and even fewer can better. You'd have to consider something at least a metre longer in aluminium to get even close to it. Just saying.