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Revival Boats was founded on upon a desire to create versatile hulls that responded to the needs of Aussie boating families.

All Revival hulls are meticulously handcrafted by a talented team overseen by one of Australia's most respected boat builders. 

Every Revival presents outstanding value without sacrificing on quality or service and is backed by a 10 Year structural warranty.


The X-RIDER Series was designed with one overarching principle: to create a versatile series of family-friendly all-rounders that offered bow to stern boating without compromise. The bow-rider layout popularised by American-designed "runabouts" often place form over function. Revival dispenses with conventional wisdom by grafting flexible open interiors onto Revival's soft riding fibreglass hulls. Outboard powered for efficient and reliable boating in all environments, the X-Rider Series now comprises 3 hull sizes: R530, R560 and R590 to cater for any mission and budget. "X" really does mark the SPOT!



It’s true…SIZE really does matter. Designed to squeeze into the average suburban garage, the R530 X-Rider redefines your expectations of how BIG a small bowrider can actually be. Ski. Fish. The options are endless. Just add water and set your next adventure free. The R530 X-Rider also puts aluminium bowriders that have nominated this market on notice...the game's just changed.




The new R560 X-Rider borrows its hull from the the mighty R580 and infuses it with a DNA that’s all its own. Building on the bowrider concept, the twin console X-Rider distills the essence of a family day boat and stirs in equal parts ski boat and sportfisher for the ultimate boating cocktail. Economical outboard power and efficient hull design delivered with a value no imported bowrider can match.




The R590 X-Rider is a rebel with a cause. Svelte in profile, this beamy all-rounder was conceived with one purpose in mind: to be the only boat an adventurous boating family would ever need. Period! Easy to drive and easy on the eye, the R590 X-Rider sets a new benchmark for versatile performance. Always ready for action, regardless of your mission.


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